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Niobium Face whose real name is Sebastian Glabutschnig, born in 1989,  is the CEO of Querfeldein Records. He is a DJ and Producer since more then 10 years and works with musik all life long. Sebastian takes care of the bookings, website, social media, graphics and many more.

Deeper then hell

The procejt „Niobium Face“ is about 5 years old now and went from Hardcore, Gabba, Frenchcore to Breakcore, Drum and Bass, back to Dark Techno and Acid Stuff. The to find a name was a hard quest. There was no genere. He just took an airsoft-mask, painted it, and named himself „Niobium Face“. At first he wanted to start, where it ended. In the years 2007 and 2008. Back in these says he was on tour about every weekend. From teknival, to party, from squad to tent. Niobium Face was infected from the Free Tekno Culture. Free Partys every weekend, people, connections, sounds, community. With Zatla Corps he started to play Livesets on Teknivals with two Korg Electribes, a Kaoos Pad and som chunky old effect mixer.  But times change and so do partys. After 2008, all the energy was on the second procejt called „Dizruptive“. His Crew existed already since 2001. And about 16 Mixtapes and over 400 Tracks are the result of this wonderful colaboration. You can check them out here.  „The sound now, is hard, deep, and evil. But evil in a „this shit is fucking me up“ way. Its like, when its 5 o clock in the morning, and you on a daaark afterhour, still dancing, this track comes and you feel like, „i think they are watching me, they dont like me, they want to kill me….“. But then there is like a single sound and this whole bad thing flies away and there is this athmosphere whit this little touch of agression.. Hahahaha. Yeah, and I am a f*cking freak.

Latest Releases

All Donwloads gonna be FREE! When you see some „special Content“ of me, someone will sell, DONT BUY IT. I will release EVERYTHING for free on this website. I love to share my music, and if you want to play my tracks on your next show, feel free to do it.  If you want to support me, you can buy some Merchandise or donate on PayPal, so I can run this website.

Thanks for following me to everyone from every Plattform. I will try to share and interact, as much as possible, to stay in touch with you guys.

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